• Irvin Cee
    Live On Air

    Live On Air by Irvin Cee
    0:23   Sebastian Groth - Rewa
    2:46   Niereich/Shadym/Tximeleta - Bombing Mission
    14:34   Feda Klop, Kachu Mx - Complement (Original Mix)
    26:54   Maverick Sabre - Slow Down (feat. Jorja Smith) [Vintage Culture & Slow Motion Remix]
    31:06   M.F.S: Observatory - Vicen (Original Mix)
    32:55   ANOTR - Forever
    36:42   Just Her - Fall From Grace (Audiojack Dub)
    56:46   Wigbert - Snapshot
    1:17:07   Alex Poet - Don't Take Away Your Love (Club Mix)
    1:22:41   HUBA - Liquid
    1:24:54   Huba - Liquid
    1:26:58   Cris Ocana - Falling
    1:30:48   Daniel Stefanik - Deep Inside (Andrea Oliva Remix)
    1:34:56   Maverick Sabre - Slow Down (feat. Jorja Smith) [Vintage Culture & Slow Motion Remix]
    1:46:44   Felix - Don't You Want Me (Hannah Wants Remix)
    2:10:35   Matt Sassari - Cilene
    2:36:30   CJ Jeff - Tribe
    2:42:41   Deeper Than L - Hew La (Original Mix)
    2:44:51   Deeper Than L - Hew La
    2:54:35   Charlie Roennez - Zulu
    2:56:43   Sante Sansone - Back Be Back
    3:00:51   Stereoheadz - Jungle Fever
    3:06:35   Marco Barci, Simo G - Beat Down
    3:10:31   George Smeddles - Shy Girl (Original Mix)
    3:14:29   Groove Hertz - Broken Love (Original Mix)
    3:20:33   Carlo Lio - K-Town Shuffle (Original Mix)
    3:40:53   Paul Morena - Square Bass (Original Mix)
    3:47:07   Arjun Vagale - Age of Lust
    4:26:49   Jini Cowan - Demons (Original Mix)
    4:38:42   Rafa Barrios - Kalengo (Original Mix)
    4:45:03   Rousing House - Piano Retro (21 ROOM Dub Remix)
    4:52:49   Insane House - Acid Groove (Original Mix)
    5:24:25   House Arrest NYC - Make It Hot
    5:30:41   Friend Within - The Truth (Original Mix)
    5:34:29   Angelo Ferreri - I'm Surprise (Original Mix)
    5:38:41   Qubiko - I C U (Mixed)
    5:40:27   David Penn - Nobody (Club Mix)
    5:44:42   Rescue - The Number
    5:57:09   Filterheadz - Voyager
    6:00:37   Filterheadz - Underground (Original Mix)

    Profile description of Irvin Cee:

    Irvin Cee has started his second DJ career 100% digital and plays more than ever before on his musical feeling. He practices "Controllerism", by using controllers he makes computers do exactly what and when he wants them to do in order to uplift the musical experience to new heights.
    No precompiled or edited sets, but music from the depths of his soul. Track choice, order and structure are more important than genres so Irvin plays a broad spectrum of Deep House, House, Tech House, Techno and Electro.

    "Addictive Mixing" is his style, once he presses "play", you are trapped to dance.

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    Irvin Cee

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