A mix ranging from the acidic daydream of Bon Voyage's 'Future' to Borai & Denham Audio's old skool hardcore take on Strike's 'U Sure Do' with the massive 'Make Me', hence it being called the Future Make Me Mix. The name might not be overly inspired, but the mix is full of inspiration - with so much musical goodness inspiring me during this lengthy lockdown - I had to pull it all together and the result is this two hour aural soundscape.

Initially inspired by Bon Voyage, the dynamic duo of Arveene and Shamon Cassette are always inspirational with their vibe, their attitude, their energy - all of which always translates across into their music. If you get a chance to see them live and have not done so - it is strongly encouraged. They oscilate and operate at higher frequencies and the love and spirit which they transmit and radiate is truly wonderful and am blessed to know them and call them brothers.

Borai's 'Need U' was also a trigger - a massively inspiring trip full of full-on nostalgic feels from the good old days for me, which of course is still very much present as can be seen, heard and felt in the power of the track. I will always have a deep love for old skool hardcore, and the way Borai respectfully treat it and add their own stamp on it is something else - kudos, hats off and salutes your way and all other producers looking back to go forwards.

Must give love to Al Keegan who also was spiritually responsible for inspiring things (and maybe played a cosmic hand in guiding the direction somewhat) - Bon Voyage's 'Check The Box' was part of a 13 track compilation, Mixed Salad - A Tribute To Al Keegan as a most fitting tribute to a much missed hero of the underground Irish electronic music scene. You can find the whole album here mixedsalad.bandcamp.com and 100% of the proceeds of the album goes directly to Pieta to support the amazing work they do in Ireland pieta.ie.

As is often the way, it wasn't long before the mix was evolving almost of its own accord, taking me where it wanted to go, so I went with it and let it take me along for the ride. We might not be able to get out and dance and be together, but music still unites us, still ignites us, and will be there to reunite us. It transports us, back to different times and places and into the future of what could be, full of hope and inspiration. I hope this mix inspires you, the listener, with some good vibes - with lockdowns beginning to ease in Ireland, there is light at the end of the tunnel....let's fill the tunnel with tunes as we head towards it together - I hope you enjoy the ride too!


1) Bon Voyage - Future
2) Mallet Fury - No Moon
3) Murder He Wrote - Reflectionz Dub (Original Mix)
4) Murder He Wrote - February 14th (India Meets Jiorga)
5) Orbital - Chime (Indigo Rogue Remix)
6) A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray (Grant Nelson Remix)
7) Hare Squead - If I Ask (Bon Voyage Remix)
8) Mango X Mathman - Chest Out (Bon Voyage Remix)
9) Bon Voyage - Check The Box
10) Djunya ft Shamon Cassette - Don't Give Up
11) Murder He Wrote ft Tasty Lopez - Game Over VIP
12) Murder He Wrote - Ilonge Riddim
13) Murder He Wrote ft Tasty Lopez - Nasty
14) The Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Shadow Child Remix)
15) Low Steppa - The Redoom
16) The Prodigy - Girls
17) Dirty Super Car - Get a Grip (VIP Edit)
18) Sfven - Honey (Shadow Child on the 950 Mix Instrumental)
19) Borai - Need U
20) LSDXOXO - Death Rattle
21) 2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down (Original Mix)
22) Urban Shakedown ft Mickey Finn - Some Justice (Original Mix)
23) Blame - 2 Bad Mice Take You (Original Mix)
24) 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare (Original Mix)
25) Borai & Denham Audio - Make Me

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    Music Festivals, club mix, Acid House, House, hip house, rave, Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore, Old Skool, Bass
    • Type: Mix
    • 126 bpm
    • Key: Em
    • Kilcoole, Ireland
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