#Top5TechnoSets – Week 2

The start of 2022 has been pretty crazy, but I have still managed to listen to several hours of super-high-quality techno. So here are my top 5 techno sets that I have been listening to this week...

  1. Drop Techno – Arespi (Construct Techno) - MixCloud
    This set is pure quality – it builds so nicely and then some brilliant acid techno tracks are added in the middle before it gets really banging at the end – more top work from @Arespi.

  2. Pady De Marseille Vision Techno # UNDERGROUND # – MixCloud
    This is a brilliant techno set that rumbles and rolls along with such a great rhythm – I could listen to this all day long. As DJ Pady says himself (@jean-jacques-ramirez9), bonne écoute …!!

  3. DARC Techno – CMCK Techno Headz – YouTube
    Just discovered CMCK Techno Headz and they are putting out some really good techno sets every week. This set of melodic techno is really nicely put together. Watch out for the giraffe...!!

  4. Bunker Techno - Impact vol. 11:02:38 – Serial Vision –
    This is the kind of techno that I like to listen to and mix – well worth a listen….and look out for the ultra-retro track in the middle of the set…

  5. SLAVESTUDIOS - LOST MIX 4 (live recording) – SoundCloud
    I make no apology for putting this in, because I have been caning this live set all week…!! It just transports me back to the ‘good old days’ and reminds me why I love techno… it’s v. good…!!
mixcloud.c...rop-techno mixcloud.c...erground/ hearthis.a...1-impact-1 soundcloud...lost-mix-4

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