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Over the past 25 years Tidy have released some of the most iconic tracks in Hard House & Hard Trance that defined the genres. Following on from Milked, Rinsed and Flogged we present our huge new remix series 'Drained'

UK Hard House & Hard Trance label run by Andy Pickles & Amadeus Mozart, better known as The Tidy Boys. The label general manager is Lee Haslam.
From January 2005 the labels Tidy Trax, Tidy Two and Untidy Trax have merged to simply become 'Tidy'. Tidy White & Synapse have also since stopped operating.
The label is up and running again from a new base in Armley, Leeds with an in house studio.
Tidy Trax put on events across the county and labels Tidy Trax, Tidy Two and Untidy Trax are releasing music on vinyl, CD, USB and digitally.
Tidy Weekender 25 completely sold out in 2021.


  • Shadows (BK's Back To 99 Remix) - BK, The Tidy Boys
  • Wanna Hear Ya (Original Mix) - Bulletproof
  • Build It Up (Original Mix) - Paul Maddox
  • Tension (BK Remix) - BK, Paul Maddox
  • The Birds (David Rust Remix) - Question Mark
  • Worlds Collide (Paul Maddox Remix) - NG Rezonance, PHD, Hayley Colleen
  • I Need A Fix (Velos Remix) - Nick Rafferty
  • Rave To The Grave (Original Mix) - Mike Taylor, Digital Mafia
  • The Danger (Original Mix) - Technikal, The Tidy Boys
  • Off My Tits (Original Mix) - Energy Syndicate, Lusty
  • Perfect Organism (Prime Mover 2021 Remix) - Prime Mover
  • More & More (NG Rezonance Remix) - Technikal, Kym Ayres
  • Wizards Of The Sonic (Original Mix) - Flashheadz
  • Feel What I Feel (Prime Mover 2021 Remix) - Prime Mover
  • Hybridize (Nicholson Remix) - Lee Pasch
  • Barriers (Original Mix) - Andy Farley
  • Delicious (BK's 9am At Turnmills Remix) - Bush Babies
  • Take Me Back (Original Mix) - Ben Stevens

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