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Anfisa Letyago was born and raised in Siberia, and moved to Italy being 18 years old, where she starts her DJ career.

In very short time she manages to bring her DJ sets to an even wider audience, playing in top european clubs in Naples, Rome, Milan, Paris, Tirana, Bucarest, Montecarlo, Cannes, Zurich, San Petersburg and many other locations, increasing her professional confidence and experience, and above all, engaging important partnerships: matter of fact she’s challenged to be opening DJ act for big personalities whom she caught attention from, such as Cube Guys, Planet Funk, Inna and Daddy’s Groove.

She currently collaborates with the fashion brand Italia Independent, by Lapo Elkan, for which she develops and co-produces an official compilation, filling its stores with her music selection.

Nevertheless, her sets are the soundtrack of the Italia Independent official party, and other events hosted by Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Kia Motors, Salmoiraghi & Viganò, and Levi’s.

Anfisa recently becomes the testimonial for the company Hanny Deep, which choses her as a representative young talent, and launches a special clothing brand named after Anfisa Letyago.

Her latest project is an original performance show, “Plugged”, developed alongside the singer Iossa, known through Daddy’s Groove, for whom he wrote and performed the world hit #SURRENDER.

Her musical influences primarily derive by her passion and intuition to merge the smooth tasty sounds of the old school house with the sharp and square EDM of the new era, making of her rock attitude the effective glue needed to bring pure energy to every party she performs for.

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