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Carl Stien présente: Café Vanitè (la salle rose)

Une collection de musique électro lounge avec de douces touches de downtempo...

I-“El Cielo” (feat.Bajka) by Radio Citizen, (Ubiquity Records Inc. 2006)
II.-“Koop Islands” (Bonus Track Edition), by Koop (Diesel Music AB, 2006)
III.-“Second to None” (feat. Willie Hutch) by Boozoo Bajou, (Modernsoul 2020)
IV.-“Bohemia After Dawn”, by The Bahama Soul Club, (Buyú-Records, 2020)
V.-“Love Song” (Helado Negro Remix), by Devendra Banhart, (Nonesuch Records Inc. 2020)
VI.-“Here Comes the Hero” by Adani & Wolf, (ChinChin Records 2020)
VII.- “Risin’” (Theme to Blossom) by Leo Traumen, (La Maison La Rue 2019)
VIII.- “Blue Lias” by Huw Marc Bennett, (Albert’s Favourites Ltd 2020)
IX.- “Laka” by Emapea ,(Cold Busted 2015)
X.- “Fragments” (Blockhead Remix) by Death by Ren, (Death by Ren 2020)
XI.-“Idol Eyes” by Common Saints, (Starsonics 2020)
XII.-“A Grand Love Theme” by Kid Loco, (Wagram Music 2009)

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