Jazz From Gilly's Green Room

In an interview, Charles Mingus was once asked “What is Jazz Music?”. He thought for a few seconds and then answered, “I don’t know.”. With a laugh he continued, “And I don’t care.”.

My next Saturday series for March and April, Jazz From Gilly's Green Room, is a collection of Jazz from the past ten years leading us up to International Jazz Day at the end of April when I highlight in a show that day some of the best of the year so far. There’s been some incredible music to come out though in the past decade, and I hope you’ll enjoy the eclectic variety of musical excellence that I’ll be sharing. Each week you’ll hear some music that you really like, and some that you might not. But that’s Jazz.

As for the title; there is no Gilly's Green Room. It’s just a place in our imagination. Somewhere for us to spend some time on these weekends enjoying the music together. These might be a set of records we are sharing in a living room. They might be nights at a small club. They might be at a festival. Just let the Green Room be what or where you want it to be as you let the music take you there.

Love and peace always my friends.

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